The Mountain Set

When you order the Mountain Set you save yourself a lot of time and hassle, and a little bit of money too. The set is priced at $69.95 .

Neither a camp saw nor an alcohol burner or a fire starter is necessary to use the TrailStove but it can make things easier.

Items included

Trail Stove
This ingenious wood fueled powerhouse beats any other camp stove in existence. Click here for details.

Alcohol Burner
If your hiking takes you above the tree line once in a while you might not be able to run your Trailstove on wood. This burner can use any type of alcohol and fits right inside the Trailstove. Click here for details.

Firesteel Fire Starter
Foolproof way to start a fire without matches or lighters. Works in any weather at any altitude.

Camp Saw
To optimize the use of your new Trail Stove we have included a foldable lightweight camp saw for the easy cutting of wood for fuel. It also comes in handy in a number of other situations you may encounter in the woods.


We work closely with outdoor equipment suppliers to get the best deals on high quality products for our equipment sets, therefor the brands and colors of the items in the set (not including the trailstove which is our own product and is always the same) may vary periodically. By doing this we can get our inventory at very low cost and pass the savings on to you who gets high quality brand name equipment at very low prices. If you want to know the exact current brand and color situation please contact us.