The Adventurer Set, everything you need to become a serious backpacker.

If you want to buy all this piece by piece in regular stores or from other websites it will cost you at least $340 and you will spend a whole weekend looking for stuff.

Instead you can buy it from us for only $239.95 and spend the weekend in the mountains instead enjoying an exciting adventure with your new gear.

Items included

Trail Stove
This ingenious wood fueled powerhouse beats any other camp stove in existence. Click here for details.

Cooking set
The essential cookware needed for all your mountain cooking needs. Lightweight and durable. All the pieces pack into themselves to form an easy to pack unit.

Camp Saw
To optimize the use of your new Trail Stove we have included a foldable lightweight camp saw for the easy cutting of wood for fuel. It also comes in handy in a number of other situations you may encounter in the woods.

This state of the art light weight back packing tent sleeps 2 adults comfortably. Made of space age water resistant polymer fiber materials its sure to keep you dry and comfortable in any weather. Assembles in a minute even in the dark or in the middle of a snow storm. Zipper door opening with mosquito screen window.

Back Pack
Ultra light high quality back pack. Ergonomic design assures perfect fit no matter what size or shape the wearer is. Large enough to fit everything you need to bring with you for a multi-day back country hike. Made of lightweight-highstrength materials for maximum toughness and minimum weight.

Sleeping bag
Keeps you warm and dry on the coldest of nights. Space age synthetic fiber filling keeps radiant heat from your body trapped inside the sleeping bag keeping you warm and cozy all night long so you can get your rest for new adventures in the morning.

Camper mat
Shields your body from the cold ground on an isolating and cushioning layer of air. Ergonomically designed to give you the best possible support, ensuring a comfortable nights sleep. This ultra light, yet very durable camper mat has separate air compartments for body and head to give you dual adjustability to fit your body perfectly. Superior to roll out type foam pads that only shield your body from cold.

Rain Poncho
Weather can be unpredictable, with this high quality rain poncho you can stay dry in the worst downpour immagineable.

First Aid Kit
Hopefully you won't need it for anything else than minor cuts but just in case.


All items are adult size where applicable


We work closely with outdoor equipment suppliers to get the best deals on high quality products for our equipment sets, therefor the brands and colors of the items in the set (not including the trailstove which is our own product and is always the same) may vary periodically. By doing this we can get our inventory at very low cost and pass the savings on to you who gets high quality brand name equipment at very low prices. If you want to know the exact current brand and color situation please contact us.